Monday, October 16, 2023

Friend Encounters: Bill Murray and Mike Preston

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Today's feature is a bit of a source of angst for me. Although I have known Mike Preston for many years, I do not know the story of this picture.

I know Mike was involved in Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. I suppose the best guest would be he was an extra on the film. The problem with that theory is I have seen many pictures of Mike with the stars, like the one today. I know Mike is resourceful and possibly could finagle his way into many pictures. I also know Mike is very talented and funny. That could have endeared him to the staff and crew.

In either case, Mike is a great guy. I met him years ago when he was still hosting PsychoBabble on cable. I even managed to worm my way onto a couple episodes. Mike had some health issues in recent years, but it is good to see him back and even performing on occasion.

I have never met Murray. I have met and interviewed his brothers Andy and Joel, the latter who is a chef at Murray Bros. Caddyshack in Rosemont and Florida. The Murray family is like royalty in Chicago.

Maybe someday I will finally meet Bill. Maybe someday I will also get the story on Mike and Groundhog Day.

Bill Murray and Mike Preston in Woodstock, IL-1992.


Jean Parker said...

Scott and me saw Bill Murray at an airport but he was actually trying to hide from people so we did not approach him. Maybe he was having a bad day and just didn't want a crowd around him ... we will never know but will still enjoy his movies.

Johngy said...

Probably a good choice on your part. I hear Bill is not especially engaging at such places.