Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Birthday Cuzz!

Today Cuzz Gekas celebrates his birthday. Today, I raise a blog post to my pal.

Cuzz has been a great friend for many years. We've shared many road trips with other friends and also just by ourselves. Whether it's a baseball trip or a convention outing, it is always a great time with Cuzz.

Cuzz is a great help at events, spotting celebrities, taking pictures and generally coordinating logistics when I get overwhelmed by the chaos there. More importantly though, is the fun I have with him. Several folks could be helpers at conventions, but none can take Cuzz's place.

Earlier this year, Cuzz joined me covering a Loyola women's softball game. Besides hanging with me, he had a special interest. His goddaughter Maddie Kapsimalis was one of the best players on the Dayton Flyers, who were playing Loyola. Maddie's father Greg, a longtime friend of Cuzz's, was also there. It was a fantastic day of watching them watch their beloved Maddie. Sadly for them, the Flyers lost that day. I had divided loyalties and just wanted a good game, with Maddie playing well.

After the game, we all talked and took pictures. I later interviewed Maddie via Zoom, which is at On the Beat with Maddie Kapsimalis. While I would have been at the game even without the Maddie-Cuzz connection, it was special because of Cuzz. It also added to one new event for us.

Happy birthday, Cuzz! I hope it's a great day and upcoming year.

Cuzz Gekas and Maddie Kapsimalis in Chicago, IL-May 2023.

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Jean Parker said...

Belated birthday wishes to Cuzz. I hope you had a great day! Keep celebrating all week and year!!