Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Squared Circle Expo IV Is Coming

Sting! Kane! Ted DiBiase! Mike Rotunda!

So started the announcements from Squared Circle Expo. With a first four like that, I know this is going to be a wrestler list  The announcements will keep coming and I will keep updating them here and on the Indianapolis Patch.

SCX IV runs March 29-30 at Wyndham West in Indianapolis, Indiana. It starts with a meet-and-greet on Friday afternoon and ends with a full night of wrestling on Saturday.

In between are two great days of mingling with other fans and friends, meeting a bunch of great legends and current stars, checking out cool merch and a lot more.

I expect about 60 wrestlers in the celebrity lineup, but there will be countless wrestlers there as fans. I meet many indie wrestlers who come because it is a great event. Keep your eyes opne if you go, because you might see some big names from the indie scene.

For more info, go to Check back here for updates and recurring coverage.

Kane and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2018.

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