Wednesday, October 18, 2023

On the Beat With Frank Catalanotto

As the baseball playoffs get serious, I turned to 14 year Major League veteran Frank Catalanotto for my latest Talking Travel interview. Now the Hofstra Head Baseball Coach, Catalanotto has a story of family, baseball and travel.

Catalanotto was drafted by the Detroit Tigers and made his MLB debut in 1997. He played for the Tigers, Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays, before retiring after the 2010 season. He hit a very nice .291 for his career, while playing several positions. He was also named Player of the Week twice.

Early in his career, daughter Morgan was born. Morgan had a vascular birthmark, which ultimately led the Catalanotto family to the Vascular Birthmark Foundation. Fortunately, Morgan is now fine. She is also honored by the Frank Catalanotto Foundation, which helps the VBF raise funds and awareness.

Catalanotto talked to me about all of this and all of his travels, in and out of MLB. Having played games in every MLB city, ads well as overseas, he qualifies as a global traveler! He also gave a scouting report on the 2024 Hofstra Pride baseball team. 

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