Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Burn the Jukebox Interview Plea

I have more than 1,400 interviews on YouTube. I have gotten several I never thought I could get. I have chased many and sometimes they finally agree. Right now, Burn the Jukebox is high on my want list.

BTJ is a teenage music group started a couple years back. It is comprised of Virginia on bass, Carter on drums, Luke on guitar and Ethan on keyboards. Virginia and Ethan do the main vocals.

While I am probably not in their normal; demographics for a fan, I really enjoy their music. I would guess a lot of their fans are also teenagers. I feel better seeing other older folks like me following them online.

On social media, they post a lot of short clips mostly of covers. They have done some originals and are doing more lately.

I have asked several times for a Zoom interview. I was even contacted by a rep of theirs, but ultimately that went nowhere. Not one to give up, I am still hopeful they will eventually do an interview. I think they have a great sound and interesting story and I want to share it.

This is my grasssroots effort (or my plea) to get the BTJ folks to finally do a Zoom interview. For me, it would end a long chase. I admit, sometimes it becomes the chase more than the actual accomplishment. This one would be both.

For more info on this young band, go to BurnTheJukebox.com. Also follow them on social media. Lastly, feel free to post/comment on their social media pages that they should go on Johngy's Beat.

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