Monday, November 13, 2023

Friend Encounters: Jim Ross and Tony F.

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Today's feature is a long time coming and I got to witness the much-anticipated event. Actually, I also had a hand it in actually happening.

Like many wrestling fans, my pal Tony grew up listening to the legendary Jim Ross as he announced wrestling matches for the National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling and the WWF/E. Tony and I have met dozens of wrestlers over the years. While I met good old JR at New York Comic Con, Tony never met the Hall of Fame announcer.

When the guest list for StarrCast VI was announced, JR was at the top of Tony's list. I applied and was granted press passes for Tony and me. Tony would have gone and would have met JR with or without the press pass, but the credential made it a tad easier. I am not glomming onto 100% credit for this, but I am glad to have a slight hand in it.

Tony was pretty excited as he approached JR. I can't blame him. JR is on the Mt. Rushmore of wrestling broadcasters. For ability and longevity, I can't think of anyone who tops him, at least in my time watching wrestling.

These are the kind of moments that happen at StarrCast. I am happy three of the six events have been in the Chicago area. Nothing has been announced for StarrCast VII, but it will probably not be here (although I am sure it will return soon).

Go to for future announcements. If you're a wrestling fan, you definitely want to go to StarrCast at least once.

Jim Ross and Tony in Schaumburg, IL-September 2023.

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