Monday, December 18, 2023

Happy Birthday Dave!

Today is the birthday of my brother-in-law Dave. I just saw him a couple days ago, but he might be on his way west for the winter now.

Dave gives and takes a joke well. One of the longest running gags or debates involved pizza. Dave insists his favorite pizza is Domino's. The Italian in me (heck, even the human in me) bristles at this. While Domino's has gotten better, it is still on the level of a cheap pizza for college kids or even poker games with my hungry friends. In no way is it in my top pizza choice. It's not even in my top 10, top 20 or maybe not even top 50. I do admire Dave though. He dug in his heels and he will die on this hill. 

I am sure he is celebrating his birthday with Nancy and their pup Sully. I raise a toast to him from afar. I celebrate him with a picture of his favorite.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you have a great day!!

Brett Alan said...

I once had a co-working--who, come to think of it, was named Dave--who ordered Domino's every night. And usually gave me a slice, which I certainly would accept, but pretty much any local pizza place is going to be way better.

Johngy said...

Maybe it's a Dave thing?

Jim from Downingtown said...

Chain-store pizza is the worst.

Years ago (when I was young and stupid) I would frequent Pizza Hut. One time I went (late afternoon as I recall) and THEY WERE OUT OF PIZZA!