Monday, January 15, 2024

Friend Encounters: Allison Spooner and K Lynn Smith

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Today is another example of a celeb friend meeting another celebrity. Creator K Lynn Smith is my friend and fellow creator Allison Spooner is her friend. The picture is from a comic con.
K Lynn is an artist and writer from Michigan. I first met her at Motor City Comic Con and have bugged her ever since. Aside from her great work, I love following her on social media. She's fun, funky and a bit quirky, all in the best ways. Following her, you'll see wonderful art and have a lot of fun.
Despite attending hundreds of comic cons, I somehow have not met Allison, but I hope to change that this year. Allison is a writer. According to her on her website, her flash fiction work has been described as "have been called, “brilliant,” “disturbing,” engaging,” and “perfect for anyone with a slightly twists sense of humor…” That's right up my alley. Besides, if K Lynn likes her, she must be good.
I love this picture for several reasons. Obviously, it contains two awesome creators and people. It also shows two folks just having fun. I love when celebs of any sort pose with other celebrity friends at conventions. It shows they are just like everyone else. They like friend encounters, too.
Go to for more on K Lynn. Also, check for more on Allison.
 Allison Spooner and K Lynn Smith in New York, NY-October 2023.

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