Tuesday, January 23, 2024

KiLynn King of Impact Wrestling

I remember seeing KiLynn King wrestle on television for All Elite Wrestling. I immediately thought highly of her, but looked forward to seeing her wrestle in person.
That opportunity came in 2022 when I saw her wrestle for 2econd Wrestling. Since then, I have seen her wrestle many times and am more impressed each time. She has excellent skills, including the ability to carry a lesser opponent to a good match.
She has a fresh look. She's in great shape, without being overly muscled. Her long orangey hair tops off the tall physique. She definitely stands out among her contemporaries.
The only thing I didn't know was her mic skills. That answer came when she joined Impact Wrestling and got into an interesting storyline. It was also the first time I saw her truly as a heel.
It's too bad Impact has been such a rollercoaster ride for years. There really is a lot of talent in the company. It's great seeing KiLynn doing great things there.
One other thing about her. She is very engaging with fans (at least when she wrestled as a face). She was one of the most fun wrestlers at meet-and-greets.
Unfortunately, King just announced she suffered a few injuries in a recent bout and will be out a while. We wish her a speedy recovery. We also put it out to her that we would love to Zoom interview her any time.
KiLynn King and Ime in Northbrook, IL-December 2022.

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