Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Talking Travel with Patricia Kara

I set a personal record for longest interval between interviews with a person. I first interviewed media personality Patricia Kara in 2011 at Wizard World. Recently, I interviewed her again for Talking Travel on Global Traveler.

Patricia might be best known for her many years on television's Deal or No Deal. She originally held briefcase #9, but moved onto other roles in various incarnations of the show.

Knowing she traveled a lot while modeling and acting, I contacted her about an interview for Talking Travel. Her first response was "Travel is my favorite topic." With such a passionate response to travel, I figured this was going to be better and easier than I hoped and it was.

I chose to dive right into travel questions, because she was ready to talk travel! We covered everything from her favorite Chicago restaurants and spots to her world travels. I asked about Chicago, because Patricia has Chicago roots and was actually in the area at her sister's place during this interview. She also turned the tables on me, by asking me some of my favorite spots.

Of course, I also asked for her favorite moments on DoND. She shared some of her fondest memories.

Finally, she discussed her now-released book, Dream On...Now Deliver. She said it is a book of advice to folks breaking into the entertainment field. I'm not that person, but I will definitely pick up the book, hopefully at a signing in the near future.

I find fun stuff in all of my Talking Travel interviews, but this one seemed extra fun for me. Time flew. It was just like a conversation with a friend. I can best describe her as simply delightful.

The full recap is on GT at Talking Travel with Patricia Kara. All of the Talking Travel interviews are on the GT YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the GT YouTube channel (it's free) for all of the travel content. Also, go to for more info on Patricia and her book!

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