Thursday, February 1, 2024

Happy 20th Anniversary Global Traveler and Fran Gallagher

February marks 20 years of Global Traveler. Congratulations to CEO, Publisher and founder, my long-time friend Fran Gallagher.

I met Fran back in 1984 when we both worked at CWO&O, an ad agency in downtown Chicago. I had recently started, when Fran transferred from the Philadelphia office. Fran moved back to the Philly area within the year though. Although his stay here was short, we bonded quickly and have remained friends.

When Fran started planning the start of GT, he called me about distribution. He brought me on board and I brought in Louie, my distribution partner in Chicago. Over the years, I have taken many roles within GT and I have had a blast.

GT has survived the decline of printed publications and the pandemic. It is stronger than ever, because changes have been made to adapt to the ever-changing world. Fran has always stayed ahead of the curve.

I am forever grateful for my work at GT, but more importantly, my long friendship with Fran. He drives me crazy at time with his constant jabs, his vague emails and his other shenanigans, but he has been a great friend and a work leader.

Happy anniversary to GT and Fran. Thank you for letting me enjoy the ride. 

Fran Gallagher and me in Chicago, IL-August 2023.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy Anniversary!!