Friday, February 2, 2024

Franki Pineapple at Global Traveler

One of the coolest parts of the Global Traveler Awards and 20th anniversary night was meeting Franki Pineapple. I had previously interviewed the musician on The Johngy "OR ELSE" podcast and knowing she lived nearish Pasadena, I invited her to the event.

As I roamed the grounds, there she was. It was surreal actually meeting her. A year ago, she was a singer who I followed online. Then I interviewed her and now I was seeing her in person.

She was as sweet as could be. We talked for a bit and I went to do my GT duties. At the actual event, one of the entertainers pulled Franki up on stage with him for a quick, fun dance. She went right with it, which I later found out was part of her renewed philosophy of just going with it. 

This was a great night and I hated to see it end for so many reasons, one of which was saying good-bye to Franki. Hopefully, it was only good-bye for that night. She stated she wanted to come to Chicago sometime. Maybe Tommy and I can show Franki a little of our town or at least have a great time catching up.

Our interview with Frank is at The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep. 41: Franki Pineapple. Also, check to learn more about her.

Franki Pineapple and me in Pasedena, CA-December 2023.

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