Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Mark DeCarlo and Yeni Alvarez at Global Traveler

Continuing saluting the 20th anniversary of Global Traveler, today I feature Mark DeCarlo and Yeni Alvarez. The couple joined the GT world late last year, with their A Fork on the Road podcast.

I first met Mark at the ill-fated Rewind Con. It was a great convention for fans, but not for the celebrities. That's their story to tell though.

I interviewed Mark there and when I started my Talking Travel series for GT, I thought of him and Yeno because of their travel and food podcast. While talking off-camera, we discussed a partnership which aw AFotR come to GT. It debuted late last year and became a popular blog feature.

When GT held their big event in Pasadena, I knew the couple lived fairly close and naturally invited them. It was surreal seeing them at the event though. It was real worlds colliding stuff

Look for their podcast on the Mark DeCarlo YouTube channel. Also, look for their blogs and all other great travel content on

Yeni Alvarez, Mark DeCarlo and me in Pasadena, CA-December 2023.

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