Tuesday, February 6, 2024

On the Beat with Mike Pankow

I have known Mike Pankow many years. He is another person whose path I crossed many times at various conventions and wrestling events.

A longtime journalist, Mike combined his passion for wrestling with his writing skills to produce Windy City Slam, a website devoted to wrestling.

I dabble in covering wrestling. I skim the surface all over the scene. Mike, however, digs deep into the world of pro wrestling. He appears at as many area shows as his work schedule allows and he also reports on the big companies. He has interesting interviews with great independent wrestlers and even big stars, like Mick Foley and the Road Warrior Animal.

Last week, I had the pleaure of interviewing Mike to get his take on the Chicago area wrestling scene. He gave me his current favorites and some rising stars. Then I asked for his take on where All Elite Wrestling is. Finally, we wrapped with him talking about two of the area's best, "The Ego" Robert Anthony and "Psychotic" Jimmy Blaze.

You can watch our interview at On the Beat with Mike Pankow. Also, check WindyCitySlam.com to see all of Mike's great coverage.

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