Friday, April 12, 2024

Heather Owens and Squared Circle Expo

When you talk #classybroad, you must be talking about Hardcore Heather Owens. A semi-retired pro wrestler, Heather is also one-fourth of the dynamic foursome who run Squared Circle Expo.
I first met Heather years ago at a horror convention, but that was mostly just in passing. We chatted more and became friends when she wrestled for (the now-defunct) Resistance Pro Wrestling. Heather had excellent matches as a solo and a tag team wrestler.
RPro had a great women's division, but I still think Heather deserved a run with the belt. Sometimes I think she was too good, meaning the bookers knew they could count on her to make others look good.
After RPro folded, I still saw Heather every year at the horror con. Then several years ago, I saw she and her husband Ed Gonzales joined Adolfo Dorta and his wife Carrie to run Squared Circle Expo, an awesome wrestling convention.
Now four years of SCX and it just keeps getting bigger and better.
I always try to get pictures with the Fantastic Four, but they are so busy and I don't want to get them at the wrong time. Fortunately, I ran into Heather at a quieter moment for her and snapped the photo below. 
Not only is Heather one of the promoters and organizers, she also wrestles on the cards at night. If SCX ever unveils a women's championship, I hope Heather gets a shot.
Go to for more info. SCX V has not been announced yet, but it'll probably be around the same time in 2025. Don't miss it.

Heather Owens and me in Indianapolis, IN-March 2024.

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