Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Rafael Diaz at HorrorHound Weekend

I spent last weekend with my friend Tony "On the Beat" at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati. Spoiler alert: It was a great weekend.

The weekend started with a very smooth pickup of our press passes. Although it seems like it shoudn't ever be a problem, more often than not, there is a glitch. The HorrorHound folks handled it very quickly and pleasantly.

From there, it was fun time all weekend. Tony met a few of his targeted celebrities. All were very nice. I caught up with a few of my creator friends and met some new ones, including Rafael Diaz.

Rafael is a creator friend of Tony. Rafael is a musician and artist. You can see some of his cool work behind him. I am always up for meeting new creative folks and I look forward to seeing Rafael again at future cons.

For more info on HorrorHound Weekend, go to You'll get updates, news and scheduling of events. Check back here for my recurring coverage.

Rafael Diaz and me in Cincinnati, OH-March 2024.

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