Thursday, April 4, 2024

#ThrowbackThursday Jordynne Grace

Back in 2013, when I worked with Resistance Pro Wrestling, a young Jordynne Grace made an appearance. Earlier this year, she was one of the biggest surprises at WWE's Royal Rumble.
Always looking to interview new incoming talent, I talked to Jordynne. My interview with her is at On the Beat with Jordynne Grace.
Jordynne was a young veteran at 17 when I met her. She had been wrestling for about four years already. Still young and green, you could see real potential in her. She had the passion, strength and ability.
Fast forward to current times, she is one of the hottest wrestlers in TNA Impact Wrestling. Over the years, she gained muscle, then leaned out. She also gained experience and honed her skills. Somehow, she also seemed to gain natural charisma. While she wasn't an introvert when I met her, she now really knows how to work a mic and the crowd.
As the reigning and three-time woman's champ, she is making history in TNA, but I see her future in the WWE. She has what it takes to be a force in the women's division and she is still only 27, at the early part of her prime.
This is why I take pictures and try to get interviews as often as I can. Jordynne was a young, relatively unknown wrestler from Texas, but is now a big name.
On a side note, I was dressed as Rowdy Johngy Piper because it was a Halloween-themed show and most of us were in custome. Jordynne could have come as a future champ!
Jordynne Grace and me in Willowbrook, IL-October 2013.

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