Saturday, June 22, 2024

Cards That Never Were: Clay Carroll Topps 1978 Mid and 1979

Cards That Never Were is a weekly series in which I create virtual trading cards for players missed in various sets. Today's feature includes a Midcard, a card for a player traded before being on a card with a particular team.

Clay Carroll signed as an amateur free agent with the Milwaukee Braves in 1961. After making his Major League debut in 1964, Carroll stayed with the Braves through their move to Atlanta, before being traded to Cincinnati midway through the 1968 season. After the 1975 season, he was traded to the Chicago White Sox, who traded him to the St. Louis Cardinals after the 1976 season. Midway through the 1977 season, he was traded back to the White Sox. Released by the Sox in Spring Training in 1978, he signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Two games with the Pirates finished out his MLB career. All told, Carroll pitched for 15 seasons, going 96-73 with 143 saves. He was a big part of the Reds bullpen during their World Series run.

For his efforts, Topps gave Carroll cards from 1965 through 1978. That left a 1979 career capper to be made. When I looked for a picture of Carroll with the Pirates, I saw Jim from the Custom Baseball Cards Facebook group already made a beauty. Not needing to repeat the effort and knowing I couldn't op his work, I am happy to feature that card.

Ordinarily, that would be it, but Carroll pitched a bit with the Cardinals and never had a card picturing him with that team. Hence the reason I created Midcards. While Carrol finished the 1977 season with the White Sox and a 1978 White Sox card was appropriate, I want to acknowledge his time with the Cards.

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Brett Alan said...

Nice work. The 1978 one in feels as though I remember it from then!