Monday, May 10, 2021

Friend Encounters: Robbie Rist and Troy Babbs

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Troy Babbs is one of the great friends I have gotten through the convention scene. Troy has been a volunteer helper at several cons and he also joined Johngy's Beat to help me a few times. Of course, I appreciate his assistance, but I appreciate his friendship more.
If you are lucky enough to know Troy, you are well aware of his great sense of humor. Sometimes offbeat and quirky, it never ceases to make me laugh. Speaking of quirky and offbeat, his partner in the picture below is just that or at least his most famous character was. 
Rist played cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch. Although surprisingly Rist only appeared in six episodes of the show, he is often remembered unfavorably as a much bigger part of the end of it.
Realistically, nobody blames Rist for the demise of the show. It was clearly on its last legs, but the addition of the young Rist has become somewhat of a legendary concept. Many shows inject youth to try to revive sagging ratings. This has become known as "The Cousin Oliver Syndrome." It's a bif unfair, but it keeps his name around.
For his part, Rist takes it all in good humor. He has remained busy in entertainment, doing acting, voice overs, music and more. He ia also a popular guest on the comic con scene. He embraces his part in television history and profits a bit from it.
He was very cool the couple times I met him. I did not meet him at the same place as Troy did, but I wish I did. Look at the fun they are having. It's typical Troy. I am so happy I will finally see this guy again at the upcoming Squared Circle Expo this weekend.
Troy Babbs and Robbie Rist in Indianapolis, IN-August 2018.

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