Monday, June 7, 2021

Friend Encounters: Princess Etch and Joey Roth at C2E2 2020

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Last year, I was happy to add Joey Roth to the Johngy's Beat crew. Joey conducted several interviews with creative folks at C2E2. That was right before all things stopped.
As a fixture on the Chicago wrestling scene, Joey was the perfect choice to do interviews. He's talented, charismatic and can improvise. That's all part of his work as a manager of champions, but also part of his other endeavors in theater and other parts of the entertainment industry.
While all of the folks in Artist Alley have interesting things to promote, I tried to pick specific creators for Joey. I selected creators from different fields. All of my choices were a bit offbeat in all the best ways.
Princess Etch was one of my choices. 
Princess Etch (aka Jane Labowitch) is a full time Etch-A-Sketch artist. Like most folks, I have no skills in the Etch-A-Sketch area, but Jane is a wizard with it. I met her several times at other cons and I am always amazed at her creations, new and old.
Even Joey, who has seen everything during his many years in entertainment, was very impressed by Jane's skill. His wonder in the interview is totally legit. He was wowed by her creations.
My only question is why she is a Princess and not a Queen. Maybe it is an age thing? It's a question I will have to ask the next time I see her.
Go to for more info on Jane. Also, check Joey's interview with her at On the Beat With Princess Etch
Joey Roth and Princess Etch in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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