Monday, June 12, 2023

Friend Encounters: Sierra Hyland and Don Martukovich

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

It's no secret how much I love softball. I enjoy women's college or pro softball more than any other sport these days. Still, I am not sure if anyone loves softball more than my Ohio friend Don.
I don't know exactly how far back Don goes with softball, but I know he definitely was a regular at the National Pro Fastpitch Akron Racers games years ago. Unfortunately, the NPF folded, leaving Don and others without pro softball.
Undaunted, Don gets his softball fix driving to college games. He posts so many great pictures on FB. He brings the games to us and I love it. I especially enjoy when he sees NPF alumni at games. Not only is Don a great photographer, he has a keen eye to spot and recognize famous softballers in the stands.
One of the best players Don has met is Sierra Hyland, a former member of the Comets, who played in the last stages of the NPF. Hyland also played for Team Mexico, including the 2021 Olympics. She also played a season for my Chicago Bandits.
In Don's words, " Sporting a Cal Poly tee with Cal Poly alum Sierra Hyland this evening at Avon...Second photo taken by Sashel Palacios." Wow, a picture with an Olympian, taken by another Olympian (and former Bandit, Sashel Palacios). This is typical Don with an awesome picture. 
Sierra Hyland and Don in Avon, OH-July 2019.

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