Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Talking Travel with Kelsi Davies

For my latest Talking Travel interview on Global Traveler, I spoke with multi-hyphenate Kelsi Davies. She discussed earning her many hyphens for dancing, acting, singing, being a social influencer and more. Of course, she also talked a bit of travel.

As someone with millions of followers across her social media pages, Davies is highly recognizable in public. She talked about how her fame impacts her travel. Obviously, for fun and pleasure, she travels a lot, but how does being so famous affect her travels?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

On the Beat With Kevin Anton of The Iron Claw

I recently interviewed Cazzey Cereghino, who played Bruiser Brody in The Iron Claw, the movie about the famous Von Erich family. Last week, I continued my dive into the movie by interviewing Kevin Anton, who played Harley Race.

Although the movie obviously focuses on the Von Erich family, Kevin appeared in one of the most pivotal scenes. Kevin as Race defended his National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title against Kevin Von Erich, the eldest of the Von Erich brothers. Kevin perfectly captured the essence of Race. He also performed the wrestling maneuvers like a seasoned pro.

It was a real pleasure interviewing Kevin. I appreciate him for his time and consideration. Now I have an even greater appreciation for his performance in The Iron Claw.

Go to for more info on this fine actor. Also check for more sports coverage. Lastly, check the full interview at On the Beat With Kevin Anton.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Friend Encounters: Haku and Ed Gonzales

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Today's Friendly Encounter took place recently at the Squared Circle Expo IV. I was there to witness it, as I always attend SCX events.
I first met Ed Gonzales at SCX, although I probably crossed paths with him at various comic cons over the years. Ed is the husband of semi-retired wrestler Hardcore Heather Owens. Together with Adolfo and Carrie Dorta, they created SCX and have run four great events.
Ed posed with one of the toughest men in wrestling. Whether you know him as Haku, Meng of Tonga Fifita, you know he is a legit tough guy. Even most other wrestlers name him when discussing the toughest in or out of the ring.
Ed is a former wrestler and a tough one, but even he will admit Haku is even tougher. This is also oa rare photo of Ed with one of the wrestlers at SCX. He is usually too busy to get many pictures.
Haku was just one of about 70 wrestling legends at SCX IV. I have written about it many times, but it truly is the best wrestling convention out there.
SCX V is already scheduled for April 18-19, 2025 and I'll be there as always. Go to for more info. 
Haku and Ed Gonzales in Indianapolis, IN-March 2024.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Celebrity Jersey Cards #684 Sarah Nurse & Elaine Chuli

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series in which I create virtual trading cards for celebrities wearing jerseys. I continue marching alphabetically through all of the Major League Baseball teams with two great women hockey players.

Born in Ontario, Sarah Nurse comes from an athletic family. Her uncle Donovan McNabb was an NFL QB, another uncle Richard Nurse was a WR in the CFL, her cousin Darnell Nurse plays for the NHL Edmonton Oilers and her other cousin Kia Nurse plays for the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks. Nurse starred at the University of Wisconsin before going pro. In 2020, Mattel released a Barbie doll based on Nurse. Nurse currently plays for Toronto of the PWHL ( (Professional Women's Hockey League). Nurse tossed a ceremonial pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays to earn her Celebrity Jersey Card. 

Currently a goalie with Montreal of the PWHL, Elaine Chuli was born in Ontario. After starring at the University o Connecticut, Chuli has played in pro leagues in North America and abroad. She is the all-time leader in saves for both the Hockey East Conference and the UConn program. For her Celebrity Jersey Card, Chuli wore an old school Blue Jays jersey.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Happy Birthday, Jean!

Today my sister Jean celebrates her birthday. She'll be having fun in Florida, while I send her bithday greetings here.
The picture below was taken this year at Spring Training. It's typical Jean. I don't think she cares about the Boston Red Sox World Series trophies, yet there she is in the picture, because she knows I like that stuff. Like our other sister, Jean always has my back and looks out for me.
Jean is a grandmother now (how??) and she shows her little grandkids even more love. She's a great mom, grandmother, sister, friend, person.
We've all had so many great times together and more to come. I am doubly fortunate to have two awesome sisters.
While Jean whoops it up in Florida, I raise a Coke can to her here. Happy birthday, Jean. I love you.

Jean and me in Fort Myers, FL-February 2024.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Gigi Edgley at Fan Expo

Gigi Edgley is an Australian singer, songwriter, actress and more. She is perhaps best known for her role on television's Farscape.
I had been a fan of hers for a while, when I unexpectedly met her at Fan Expo Chicago last year. Somehow I missed her on the guest list, but when I saw her booth, I immediately shot over there.
Edgley took some fun photos with me, giving much more than the average celebrity. It was a memorable and fun encounter.
Before I left her, I talked a bit about Talking Travel, my interview series on Global Traveler. As an Australian and a successful entertainer, she'd be an interesting guest. She showed interest and even texted me that night. Since the series had just started, I had a bunch already lined up, because I wanted to be sure to have enough. I texted Edgley it might take a bit to get back to her. 
Unfortunately, when I texted her a couple weeks later, I did not get a response. I tired a couple more times with no response.
I am putting this out, hoping Edgley sees it and might still be willing to do an interview. It's an open-ended offer if she is ever interested. If not, I will still follow her career and be a fan.
Go to FanExpoHQ for more news and scheduling. Also, check for more on this talented woman.
Gigi Edgley and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2023.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

On the Beat with Ray "Glacier" Lloyd

Ray Lloyd has an interesting spot in pro wrestling history. As Glacier in World Championship Wrestling, he had one of the most elaborate expensive entrances and costumes. He also had a series of incredible vignettes to introduce the character.

It was an incredible time in the WCW. The New World Order burst on the scene, overshadowing many of the other storylines. Because of the uniqueness of the Glacier character and Lloyd's excellent work, he was never swallowed into the NWO vortex.

Lloyd also embarked on an acting career, landing roles in movies and on television. His latest role is a big one. The Unbreakable Bunch is a movie about a group of wrestlers on a final tour who encounter aliens in Florida. It's got a They Live vibe in all the best ways. From watching the trailers, I am very intrigued.

I talked to Lloyd about his career in the ring and on film in our interview. Lloyd's passion and positivity are clearly evident. Watch the interview to learn all about Lloyd and The Unbreakable Bunch.

The interview is on the Johngy's Beat YouTube channel at On the Beat With Ray "Glacier" Lloyd. Also, check out for more info on this project.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Missa Kate's New Shirt

Wrestler Missa Kate is "Chicago's Favorite Sweetheart" and she is an absolute sweetheart.

She is the 2econd Wrestling Champ and is a former tag team champ with the National Wrestling Alliance. She also held several other titles in her career.

As good as any title belt looks on Missa, I found something that looks even better on her...a Johngy's Beat shirt! After her most recent successful title defense at 2econd Wrestling's Taking Names, I presented Missa with a shirt and she promptly put it on. 

Missa is one of my favorites. She works great as a heel, but is excellent as a face, too. She does so many little things to add to her character. When I see someone like her, I always hope she gets to the big companies, but I also don't want to se her go. Right now, she splits her time between the NWA and Chicago area companies.

Thank you to Missa for her support. In turn, I encourage everyone to check a Missa match any time you can. You will not be disappointed.

Missa Kate and me in Vernon Hills, IL-April 2024.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Talking Travel with Michael Londra

My latest interview guest on Talking Travel on Global Traveler is Irish singer and television host Michael Londra. After missing Ireland with Michael at a venue near me, I got something even better with this interview.
Despite coming from a musical family, Michael did not start as a performer, but he eventually found his way into the entertainment industry. His first big role was in Riverdance. He stayed busy since leaving the production on his terms, which he discussed with me in the interview.
Michael eventually combined his profession with his passion as he started Ireland with Michael, a tour and television show on PBS.
Michael discussed all of this and more. My biggest takeaway was his genuine passion for the Emerald Isle. It shows in the interview, as well as every episode of Ireland with Michael. The show is not a glitzy promo piece. It is a loving tour of lesser-known spots in Ireland, with beautiful Irish music as the backdrop.
Look for the interview video and recap on Global Traveler at Talking Travel with Michael Londra. Also, get more info on Michael at Lastly, please subscribe to the Global Traveler YouTube channel for all sorts of interesting travel content (and to help my job security LOL).

Monday, April 15, 2024

Friend Encounters: Heather Drums and Jim Strong

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Once again, I post a picture which makes me envious of my pal Jim Strong. This time, he is with Heather Drums, one of my favorites on the local music scene.

I have met many wrestlers, athletes and musicians with Jim. Because he is out all over all the time, he occasionally meets folks I really would have liked to see. Such was the case with Heather, who he watched play on Valentine's Day.

I first saw Heather when she was in a band playing just blocks from my place. Her energy and charisma stood out. Of course, she was also an outstanding drummer. Unfortunately, I have only seen her that one time, while Jim has seen her multiple times.

I will never catch up with Jim, but seeing Heather this year is one of my goals. I don't think she is currently with one band, but plays with several. Either way, I hope to see her somewhere this summer.

Heather Drums and Jim in Mundelein, IL-February 2024.