Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Dream of Genie Francis

No, it isn't Barbara Eden (that would be Jeannie). It's Genie Francis, the longtime star of General Hospital. Remember Luke and Laura? When I met Francis, I wasn't even aware that she would be at the convention. The Motor City Comic Con was aimed more at Star Trek fans. However, Francis has a definite connection, her husband Jonathan Frakes, who portrayed Commander William T. Riker, on Star Trek:The Next Generation.
Frakes had a long line of Trekkies waiting for his arrival, but Francis had her own line of loyals waiting for her. When they arrived together, it was pandemonium. Actually, it was a convention organizer's dream. Frakes drew all of the men, while Francis drew all of the women. The rest of the con suddenly was rather quiet.
Francis elicited emotional reactions, including crying and shrieking. I have to admit, she did have a certain presence. She seemed to be as happy to see her fans as they were to see her.
Genie Francis and me in Novi, MI-May 2007.


Anonymous said...

is it me or is frakes looking weather-beaten?

i always thought of her as vrey vrey vanilla.

Anonymous said...

Did you ask Frakes if it's true that the only reason he grew a beard for the second season of TNg was that he got tired of being told he looked like Potsie?