Friday, September 12, 2008

Strike A Pose with Peggy Kusinski

When I worked at Lerner Newspapers, we had some joint ventures with the Leukemia Research Foundation. LRF held a charity bowling event. When I heard I could bowl with some local celebrities, I had to join them.
I was paired with local sportscaster Peggy Kusinski. She is a native Chicagoan who was an all-city/all-state basketball player in high school. Kusinski currently works at NBC 5 in Chicago.
Kusinski was so cool. We had a lot of fun that day. I am not sure who won, because the scoresheet somehow disappeared (sorry Peg, no sheet, no proof).
Peggy Kusinski and me in Arlington Heights, IL-mid 90's.


Anonymous said...

who the hell took the pic? you both look like ghosts.....boy you sure look happy.

Anonymous said...

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