Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Occasional Blog

At some point, I stumbled across a quirky tv sitcom from the 1960's called Occasional Wife. It starred Michael Callan as a young exec who pretended to be married in order to have a future in the business. It was your typical sitcom, but for some reason, I really enjoyed it.
At a Hollywood Collectors Show in the 90's, I ran into Callan. I was pretty excited since this was completely unexpected. I brought up Occasional Wife and Callan seemed mildly disappointed.
At this point, I should mention that Callan had a pretty solid career outside of that show. He starred on Broadway in West Side Story, among other performances. Apparently, Occasional Wife was not one of his highlights.
Still, he was a friendly and appreciative guy and he thanked me for remembering him. I said that of course I remembered him, at least occasionally!
Michael Callan and me at an HCS in Rosemont, IL-mid 1990's.

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Anonymous said...

i had such a crush on him when i was like 4. wasn't he in Andy Griffith show?