Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bear Down Sunday #16

The Chicago Bears stand at 9-6 as they face the Houston Texans today. The Bears need a win and a loss by the Vikings to capture the NFC North division title.
Who better to represent this game than my brother-in-law Scott. Scott (and the family) lived in Houston (TX) for several years. He cheered for the Texans during their lean first few years.
They are back in the Chicago area, but Scott still supports the Houston teams, as well as the Chicago teams (except for the Cubs). I have to give him credit though. He was brave enough to wear his Texans jersey as he cheered for his Texans when they were in Indianapolis to face the Colts. The Hoosiers treated him pretty well, although it might have gotten ugly if the Texans had beaten the Colts.
Scott ran into the Geico Gekko in the stadium concourse. He posed for a photo and I jumped in ( was the Geico Gekko!!). Scott will probably deny it, but the speculation is that this was an attempt to land in a post on Johngy's Beat.
Scott, the Geico Gekko and me at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis, IN-November 2008.

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