Friday, December 12, 2008

Mad About Anne Ramsay

At a Hollywood Collectors Show a few years back, I almost literally stumbled upon actress Anne Ramsay. I would not have expected to see Ramsay at one of the shows, since she was on tv's Mad About You at the time. Active tv performers aren't usually at these conventions.
I was a fan of Mad About You (at least until the later years when it got goofy). I liked the offbeat characters, like Ramsay's Lisa Stemple and John Pankow's Ira Buchman. It was a simple and enjoyable show. For the Trekkies out there, Ramsey also appeared in 2 episodes of Star Trek:The Next Generation. Since then, Ramsay has kept busy, mostly working on various tv shows.
Ramsey was very sweet to anyone who stopped by her table. She might have been the most active of any of the convention's celebs, yet she was the most appreciative star.
Anne Ramsay and me in Rosemont, IL-mid 90's.


Anonymous said...

Boy, she sure seems to be digging you man. Who are you?

Johngy said...

Who am I? I am Johngy, I am!
Ramsay was personable with everyone (or maybe I had just saved her from the guy who asked about scene #4 in Episode #12 from season 2).