Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clyde Powers and the Mannings

Clyde Powers was a defensive back for 5 years in the NFL (4 with the New York Giants and 1 with the Kansas City Chiefs). For many years, Powers has been the Director of Pro Player Personnel for the Indianapolis Colts.
Several years ago, he signed a couple fb cards for me and I sent him a bunch extra for his effort. You would be amazed at how many ex-players have no idea how to get their cards. Former players can always use cards, because they are constantly asked for them by everyone. Giving a little back to these former players means a lot to them and they are always so grateful for the cards and thought.
Powers was so grateful that he sent me a thank you note along with a signed 8x10. The 8x10 wasn't of him though. It was signed by the current quarterback of the Colts, Peyton Manning! This was one of the most unexpected responses I ever received and I was ecstatic.
As most of my friends know, I have had a mancrush on Peyton since his early college days. Actually, it all started with my mancrush on Peyton's father, former QB Archie Manning. Powers had no way of knowing of my devotion to the Manning family. He probably figured he was sending me an autograph of simply a star QB. If only he knew...
Thanks Clyde! This is one of the gems of my collection!

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