Monday, January 26, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

I came across Pete Ruggieri (aka Evil Pete) while doing research for an
online piece for Global Traveler magazine. Ruggieri is the founder of 505, a social network in the Lancaster (PA) area. As the 505 site states, "Done work at 5, at the bar by 5:05."
The Lancaster 505 Happy Hour Club is about socializing and networking. There is no pressure, no dues, no rigid rules. While they are concerned with having fun and updates on the world of bacon and other shenanigans, the business benefits are undeniable. At 505, the business end just happens naturally, a nice byproduct of developing friendships and associations through the casual meetings and events.

More pertinent to this blog is Ruggieri's encounter with Mike Boryla, a former Quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles. Ruggieri met Boryla at the Eagles Training camp in 1975, right about the time that I got my first football card of the former Stanford star. Little did Ruggieri or I realize how 30+ years later, this would all fit together.
Mike Boryla and Pete Ruggieri in West Chester, PA-Summer 1975.


Anonymous said...

I love these older photos the best. Classics!

Anonymous said...

I remember Boryla leading the NFC back in a big comeback in the ProBowl, but he wasn't named MVP. Rip-off.