Friday, January 23, 2009

One Day (at a Time) with Valerie Bertinelli

Okay, I admit it. I was never a huge fan of One Day at a Time. I wasn't really even a big fan of Valerie Bertinelli back then. Sure, I usually watched the show, but it was not one of my favorites. I became a bigger fan of both years after the show went off the air.
Bertinelli went on to roles in many tv movies and series. Recently, she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Unlike many stars, Bertinelli never did any nude scenes and turned down some roles because of this.
I met Bertinelli at a book-signing event. There was the oddest crowd and most surprising crowd reaction I had ever seen. Women from teenagers to seniors and a handful of men my age cheered wildly as she took her place at the signing table. Bertinelli looked as cute as ever and she probably will remain that way into her senior years.
I am happy to report that she was as nice as she seems. She hugged some of the women. She joked with the younger girls. She blushed at some of the men. She even told some fans to doublecheck their photos to make sure they were good!
Valerie Bertinelli and me in Oakbrook, IL-Summer 2008.


Unknown said...

I hope you got more than a photo, I hope you got a hug from her. She looks like a good hugger. I was always amazed she could put up with the guy who played guitar. She is probably lucky not to have lung cancer from second hand smoke.

Johngy said...

I did not get a hug, but I got a laugh.
I thought chicks dug musicians. I know they don't much like clowns.