Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #40 Richard Gere & Danny DeVito

Celebrity Rookie Cards is now Celebrity Jersey Cards.  The name fits better and pulls together my interest in celebrities and my love of trading cards.

Actor Richard Gere is seen behind a batting cage at Spring Training in 2010.  I believe he just took some bp with the team and did not actually get in the game.  His gray hair might be kind of odd for an active player (apologies to Phil Niekro and Gaylord Perry), but those such notions are suspended for Celebrity Jersey Cards.
With the Phillies outstanding rotation set for 2011, they don't need another pitcher.  On the other hand, Danny DeVito isn't that much older than Jamie Moyer.  Hey, at least I resisted the urge to list him as a shortstop!  I am assuming it was because of his role on tv's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that he was asked to throw out a first pitch in Philly.  It's also why he got on a Celebrity Jersey Card!


Steve Gierman said...

Great cards, as always!

Hackenbush said...

Danny DeVito? I thought it was John Kruk! Just kidding. Nice job!

Johngy said...

DeVito could have borrowed uni pants from Matt Stairs.