Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old Times at the Chicago Stadium

Thirty years ago today, the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Chicago Blackhawks 7-4 at the old Chicago Stadium.  The crowd numbered 14395 and I was one of them.
We got to the game early and I took some pregame pictures of the players skating.  During the game, I occasionally moved closer for a better picture of in-game action.  Of course, "better" is a relative term considering the cameras of the day.  Still, I was excited to have pictures of my Blackhawks.
In the picture below, if you strain your eyes, you can see a ref, four Maple Leafs and two Blackhawks.  For the Leafs, #23 is Dave Farrish and #19 is Bill Derlago.  For the Hawks, #10 is Reg Kerr and #8 is Terry Ruskowski.  Kerr is not wearing a helmet, as was his choice back then.
I am surprised that I did not keep track of who the other two Leafs are.  Yes, I am usually that obsessed with details.
As always, I love this old pictures.  The pictures are never clear and sharp, but the memories of my youthful sports fandom are.
The Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Chicago Blackhawks in Chicago, IL-February 22, 1981.

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