Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autograph Tales:Ozzie Canseco

I always have cheered for the underdog.  If there is a star athlete and he has a less successful athlete brother, odds are that I will be cheering for that less successful brother.  I liked Wayne Gretzky, but I cheered more for Brent and Keith.  Dick Allen could be in the Hall of Fame (especially according to Dick Allen Hall of Fame), but I cheered for Hank.
When I found out Jose Canseco had a twin brother who was in the minors, my interest was piqued.  Ozzie Canseco was drafted in 1983 as a pitcher by the New York Yankees.  Ozzie did not make it to the majors until 1990 where he joined Jose as an outfielder for the Oakland A's.  Ozzie hit .105 in his brief time there.  He also played for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1992 and 1993.  His career average was .200 with 0 home runs and 4 rbi's.
For parts of 1986-1988, Ozzie played for the Madison Muskies.  I found the card below as an insert in some baseball card magazine and sent it to Ozzie hoping for a signature.  It came back signed about 2 weeks later!
We have all heard horror stories about Jose (and I even experienced one at a book signing), but I also heard a few bad stories about Ozzie.  Fortunately for me, my experience with Ozzie was all good.

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J\/\/ said...

Back in my baseball card days, for some reason, I always thought "Ozzie Canseco" was some sort of joke nick-name for Jose. I was around 7-8 years old, but that's seriously what I thought.

Always love seeing TTM auto results!