Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #42 Chris Rock & Will Ferrell

Celebrity Rookie Cards is now Celebrity Jersey Cards.  The name fits better and pulls together my interest in celebrities and my love of trading cards.

I am surprised I haven't found more pictures of celebs wearing the Yankees pinstripes.  In fact, Chris Rock is only the third Celebrity Jersey Card to feature the Yankees.  Rock broke one of the unofficial "jersey rules" by wearing a dress shirt under the jersey.  At least he eschewed a tie!
I think another unofficial rule is you can't have the Yankees without the Red Sox (or maybe that is just what ESPN thinks).  In either case, Rock's fellow funny man and SNL alum Will Ferrell provides the Red Sox counterpart to Rock's Yankees love.  Farrell even shows a pretty good pitching form.  Lastly, I always love any card which shows a scoreboard like that in the background.

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