Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #48 Terrence Howard & Derrick Rose

This is a regular feature which combines my interest in celebrities and my passion for trading cards.

Baseball season has started and some Chicago baseball love is overdue.  Showing my impartiality, I present both sides of town.
For the North siders, I present my old friend Terrence Howard.  Howard showed nice form while tossing the first pitch.  Last time we met, I was a bit underdressed, wearing jeans with my suit.  Howard returned the favor by wearing jeans while earning his spot on a Celebrity Jersey Card.
Chicago Bulls star on the rise Derrick Rose donned the Sox cap with his jersey while tossing the first pitch on the South side.  Rose's effort was less heralded than another former Bulls journey into baseball, but it was certainly more successful.  I celebrated that success by creating a card for Rose to go with his dozens (so to be hundreds) or basketball cards.

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