Monday, March 7, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebs.

Fran Gallagher probably thinks he should be the celebrity featured in a "Friendly Encounter".  As Publisher of the world famous Global Traveler magazine, Gallagher has gained a bit of notoriety (especially on GT's website), but even though he is a great friend, I still can't call him a celebrity.  Still, I can feature him here though, because he has met a bunch of celebs over the years.
Today, I am running the story on him meeting actress Joan Collins, who Fran described as "a real piece of work".  It seems Fran made a deal for Collins to light the Plazas Hotel's Christmas tree in exchange for Collins getting an extra night in her suite.  Collins no-showed the tree-lighting and used the limo that was provided for airport transfer to shop around NYC.
I have to give credit to Fran though.  When she checked out, he told the hotel to charge her credit card, which they did.  Fran later heard from an angry Collins via a phone call, but he didn't back down.  Apparently the Dynasty diva had met her match!
Fran Gallagher and Joan Collins in New York, NY-Mid 1990's.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Fran. I never liked Collins, on or off screen.