Monday, March 14, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebs.

I have written about Brian Applebaum meeting Marlins legend Jeff Conine. Brian's site is 30 Year Old Cardboard and it is well worth the trip there.  Brian is a lot of things (baseball fan, father, card collector, Andre Dawson fan, former Chicagoan, Marlins loyalist) and all of them contribute to this being an excellent site.
Recently, Brian and family attended Marlins FanFest 2011.  I absolutely loved his summary.  This was Americana at its best.  Simply beautiful.  Father and sons, baseball fan generations.  Brian's love for his family and his love for baseball.  The kids loving the baseball until they see the amusement rides!  This is awesome.  This piece just made me feel good about life!
If Brian is reading this, I was saving the best for last.  Brian met Andre Dawson again.  Dawson is Brian's favorite player of all time.  Topping that off, he also met one of my all time favorites Jeff Conine.  Brian totally enjoyed this experience.  It's always great when the favorites you meet treat you well.
I appreciate Brian sharing his pictures here.  He had other pictures of the event which are worth seeing.  I also simply appreciate the blog itself.  I am glad Brian is enjoying it and I certainly know I am!
Jeff Conine, Brian and sons and Andre Dawson in Miami, FL-January 2011.

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