Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart

Even a casual wrestling fan of the 1980's would recognize Jimmy Hart.  I first saw him as an annoying manager of several "heel" tag teams.  In that pre-internet era, behind the scenes stuff was unseen in the world of wrestling.
I had no idea Hart was an excellent musician.  In fact, he wrote many of the theme songs used by wrestlers back then.  Even more impressive, he was in the Gentrys, a band from the 1960's.  Their big hit was "Keep On Dancing" (although Hart was not the lead singer on it).
Hart has been a tireless and creative force in wrestling for decades.  He is also one of the nicest people around.  I have seen him pose for pictures and sign autographs long after his scheduled sessions were to end.  I have talked to him several times about a multitude of subjects and he always gives full attention during each chat.  The guy must have an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm.
Jimmy Hart and me in Kokomo, IN-October 2007.

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J\/\/ said...

Jimmy is indeed the man. I was so excited to finally meet him for the first time that it looks like I'm having a stroke in the photo. Have met him several times since and the thrill is always the same.

During his time at the autograph stage at 2009's NWA Fanfest, he was actually asking everyone if they had anything more for him to sign all the while telling stories about everyone's items.

At the Hall of Heroes banquet that weekend he brought and signed 8x10s for everyone at his table and passed his WWE HoF ring around. He goes above and beyond for fans and I don't even think he realizes it--it's just how he is.