Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rick Stelmaszek Saga:Part 18

I routinely check Ebay for oddball items of may favorite celebs.  For athletes, that usually means scrolling by a bunch of trading cards, signed index cards and a handful of signed balls.  Occasionally though, I find some very cool items, like the picture below.
I have written about Rick Stelmaszek a few times before, so I will spare all the whole story.  As most know, he was a backup catcher, the husband of my third grade teacher and is currently a coach for the Minnesota Twins.
In 1971 and 1972 he played for the Denver Bears, a AA minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers.  The picture below is from his time with Denver.  He is the catcher and unfortunately for him, it looks like the runner was safe.
I love old photos like this.  I just wish they were a bit cheaper on Ebay.  I know it is a free marketplace and the seller has every right to name his sale price.  My problem is that there are a bunch of these type of pictures out there that I would like to purchase, but at the standard sales price of about $15, I can't justify buying more than a couple.
Oh well, while I cannot buy as many as I would like, I can at least enjoy the pictures and present them here for your enjoyment.  I just wonder who the baserunner was.

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