Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spotlight on Cards:Jeff Conine

I am featuring an oddball Jeff Conine card I picked up years ago.  I am hoping someone might have some info on it.
It appears to be a card from 1992, because on the back it shows card values for 1991 cards (in the place where stats would usually be).  It is done using the card design of a 1973 Topps football card, which is odd considering it is a baseball card from the 1990's.  There is no card company logo or copyright marks on this card either.That is all I can tell you about this card.  If anyone knows anything about it or knows of any similar cards, let me know.


Hackenbush said...

This is just a guess but could it be some sort of magazine insert such as Tuff Stuff?

Hackenbush said...

In 1993 Sports Card Price Guide Monthly included uncut sheets of players from different sports using the 1973 Topps football design. Here's a link I found:
Scroll down to 1993.

unclemoe said...

I think its an insert from the old Sports Card Magazine & Price Guide.


Johngy said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate your expertise.