Friday, March 18, 2011

Where are Bob Boyd and Sansi Mitchell?

While I was in college, I worked for a company called Cresmer, Woodward, O'Mara and Ormsbee (CWO&O).  It was a newspaper advertising representative, handling about 75 newspapers across the country.  I did a lot of assistant work for the salespeople and even helped put together a few ads over the years.
This post isn't about me though.  It's about Sansi Mitchell and Bob Boyd, two of the salespeople there.  More specifically, it is about where they are today.
Actually, I have no idea where they are.  I am hoping that someday someone (maybe even one or both of them) might see this and get in touch with me about their whereabouts.
Bob and Sansi were a few years older than me, but they were good friends to me during our time there.  Both gave me advice and even an occasional lunch.
Sansi left first to pursue her education further.  I believe she is still in the Chicago area.
Bob was still there when I left to start my careeer at Lerner Newspapers.  Bob seemed to be climbing the company ladder, but last I heard he was not with the newest version of CWO & O (renamed, but I forget the new name).
It would be awesome if this lead to either contacting me.  I'd love to do some catching up with my old buds.  If that happens, I'll definitely report it here.
Bob Boyd, Sansi Mitchell and me in Chicago, IL -Mid 1980's.

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