Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #46 Hulk Hogan & Sheamus

This is a regular series which combines my love of bubblegum cards and my interest in celebrities.

Tonight is WrestleMania XXVII, WWE's biggest wrestling event of the year.  The WWE held the first WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden in 1985 and it has become the world's longest running pro wrestling event.  To honor the WWE and WrestleMania, I am featuring two WWE superstars.
Many say that Hulk Hogan is pro wrestling or that he made pro wrestling.  While those might be overstatements, Hogan's success and significance cannot be denied.  The Florida resident has been spotted at Tampa Rays games (a 6'6" man wearing a bandanna and cutoff sleeves revealing huge arms is hard to miss).  For those who love background noise in trading cards, Brooke Hogan is visible (although slightly blurred) over his right shoulder.
While the Hulkster is a wrestling legend, Sheamus is on his way to being a future legend.  He is already a two time champ, as well as the reigning King of the Ring.  Today, King Sheamus will be battling Daniel Bryan for the United States championship.
Sheamus was born in Dublin and was a pretty good amateur athlete.  I don't know of any connection to the team, but he did throw out a first pitch for the Kansas City Royals (hmm King Sheamus..Royals...maybe), which earned him his first Celebrity Jersey Card.


Anonymous said...

Hi, where can I possibly get the Sheamus card?

Johngy said...

There is no actual card. I made that on PhotoShop and posted it here. Sorry. Feel free to print it out, if you want. That's the best I can do.
Thanks for your interest.