Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #49 Jimmy Smits & Bill Guerin

This is a regular series which combines my love of bubblegum cards with my interest in celebrities.

I first saw Jimmy Smits in Running Scared, one of my favorite movies.  It was one of his earlier roles and he has gone on to have a solid career on tv and the big screen.  One of his more recent roles was on West Wing.  I am assuming the Washington D.C. connection is what lead him to throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals.  This is one of the rare cards which is taken from the 1986 set, which was when the Nationals were still the Expos.  Sometimes this happens in the world of Celebrity Jersey Cards.
Representing another not-so-good baseball team is very good NHL'er Bill Guerin.  Guerin played for eight teams during his eighteen year career.  He is the first player of Hispanic descent to play in the NHL.  He also ranks 7th all-time in goal scoring for Americans in the NHL.  His last team was the Pittsburgh Penguins, which probably explains the Pirates connection.

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