Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Just A Fantasy

It took 15 long baseball seasons.  It took me adding my nephew Matt as my General Manager.  It took some prayers and lots of luck.  Finally, though, the Boone League trophy is mine.
I have placed in the money (top 3 positions) only 3 times in my 15 years in the league.  I have finished last about 6 times (maybe more).  All of that is (temporarily) forgotten, because the trophy is mine.
My team was lead by the hitting of Aubrey Huff, Jason Heyward and Carlos Gonzalez (who also helped with his speed).  Andrew McCutchen joined CarGo to provide a great steals duo.  Tim Lincecum and Ted Lilly anchored my starting staff, while Brian Wilson and Ryan Franklin were shut-down closers.  I even had Mike Lamb (one of my all-time favorites) on my bench (but more as a coaching veteran).
The trophy resides on my bookcase.  It is mine until the 2012 draft next April (unless I somehow manage to repeat).  Dare I even dream?

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