Sunday, May 8, 2011

At Legends of the Ring

As promised yesterday, Josh Watko is presenting his report from the Legends of the Ring event yesterday.  I am excited about this, especially because Johngy's Beat is getting the story even before Josh puts it on his world famous site, JW's Wrestling Memorabilia!
Now I turn it over to Josh...
Legends of the Ring 12 was yet another great success from promoters Terrence and James. Early on in our journey to Jersey on Friday afternoon we learned of cancellations from both Dusty Rhodes and Terry Taylor. Rhodes was due to a death in the family and Taylor due to back surgery. The two were replaced on the superticket lineup by MVP and Carlito. Cancellations are an unfortunate reality in events such as these. It's no secret that despite meeting my all-time favorite wrestler a half a dozen times before, I was very much looking forward to seeing Dusty again. Taylor was also someone I was looking forward to meeting. The situation was handled very well, as always, and both names are said to have been rescheduled for the October Legends of the Ring event.
The show seemed to go off without a hitch with nearly every talent being top notch. Joanie "Chyna" Laurer was a total class act to the many fans who came out to meet her in a rare appearance. The extra special treat of being able to meet several top stars from New Japan Pro Wrestling was quite the thrill as well. Being a fan of his since his initial WCW appearances in 1991, Jushin "Thunder" Liger's appearance was very significant to me. He seemed just as enthusiastic to meet his fans as we were to meet him. "Once in a lifetime opportunity" is thrown around a lot on all convention scenes, however this is one case where the phrase may ring true.
From Ken Shamrock to Jim Ross to rare appearances by Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow (Demolition Ax and Smash) in their Masked Superstar and Krusher Kruschev gimmicks, respectively, LOTR 12 had something for everyone...and everyone went home with a smile.
I am quite sure Josh went home with a smile.  This is one of the best wrestling conventions and I am so glad that Josh gave us this report and picture and I promise to have more stuff from Josh in the future, especially around the next Legends of the Ring event.  Until then, check out his site for even more great wrestling stuff.
Josh Watko and Joanie "Chyna" Laurer in Monroe, NJ-May 2011.

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Great stuff. Thanks Josh and Johngy.