Saturday, May 14, 2011

At the Motor City Comic Con

This is a special series about my friends meeting celebs at the Motor City Comic Con.

In doing research for Global Traveler about the Motor City Comic Con, I came across a man known as J.J. Conquergood.  Conquergood is an MCCC veteran and was willing to share one of his stories for the good of all.
This year will be my third Motor City Con. Usually four of us travel an hour from Canada just to go. I attend mainly for the Star Wars actors. The first year I met Carrie Fisher. Last year it was Daniel Logan and Ray Park. Ray was an awesome guy, we talked about the hat i was wearing and how he bought a back pack from the same company. Then we talked about Canada, the guy was a real chatterbox. For the comics side I really look forward to meeting the Star Wars artists/writers. Because of my friend, we actually got to have dinner with Stan Sakai last year. I attend Fan Expo in Toronto every year as well, although it is much bigger, the Motor City Con seems to attract the same level of talent without the massive lineups you experience at the bigger cons.
As always, I appreciate Conquergood sharing his experience with Johngy's Beat.   Hopefully, I will run into him at the 2011 MCCC.
 J.J. Conquergood and Richard LeParmentier in Novi, MI-May 2009.

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