Thursday, May 19, 2011

Autograph Tales:Jerry Garvin

Jerry Garvin pitched for six seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays, compiling a record of 20-41.  It might sound cliche, but he was actually better than his record would indicate.  Those early Toronto Blue Jays were not very good.  He did make the Topps All-Rookie team in 1977 and he once had four pick-offs in a game.
After his playing career ended, he eventually got into real estate.  I sent him a note and some cards.  He signed the cards and sent back an additional card, this one a business card.
How cool of a business card is that though?  Look at it.  It has all of the relevant info, plus a picture of one of his baseball cards.  Hey, I sell real estate and oh by the way, I used to be a major league pitcher.
I wonder how he picked that card.  It is his last Topps card, so maybe that is it.  Maybe he just liked this card the best.
I always appreciated getting extra goodies like this with autographs.  Some celebrities do go that extra bit!

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Unknown said...

And Jerry is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I worked with him in the loan business in the late 90's and he was an all around great person to be around. I have one of those cards too. Sweet