Monday, May 2, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series featuring friends who have met celebs.

Today I am featuring a new friend.  Actually, a group of new friends.  I haven't met any of them yet, but I am familiar with their work and I will be meeting them at the Motor City Comic Con in a few weeks.  I was doing research for upcoming pieces on the MCCC when I came across their latest effort.
It all started in 2000, when a group of comic book publishers got together and created the Hero Initiative, the first federally chartered not-for-profit organization to provide financial help to comic book creators in need.  Since then, the Hero Initiative has raised over $400,000 to benefit comic creators and their families.
At the 2010 Motor City Comic Con, Josh Warner's wife brought some piggy banks left over from a shower.  Josh, Sean Forney and Steph Forney drew comic characters on tem with regular Sharpies.  By mid-Saturday, the dozen or so piggy banks were all sold.
I'll let Steph take it from here...
After seeing how popular they were with comic fans we decided to order more of them to work on and sold them to raise money for a good friend and artist Josh Medors at a benefit that we held for him at a local comic shop, Packrat Comics, in Hilliard, Ohio. We organized the event with the shop and the Hero Initiative and created a group/facebook page called Help For Heroes: Benefit for Hero Initiative. Steph and Sean drew characters on several piggy banks for the event and sold them to raise money for the event along with a silent auction, live wrestling, and local artists. Following that we have been taking them to most shows to help raise some extra money to help out Medors with medical expenses. We started calling them Super Pigs and the name stuck. We continue to work in conjunction with Hero Initiative and all the money we raise is ear-marked for Josh Medors to help with his chemo treatment and other cancer-related expenses. They have been great in helping us get started and help raise money for Josh during his 3 year fight against a rare form of spinal cancer.  Whenever we have an idea or need some help, Hero Initiative is always there for our fellow artists. Hopefully we will continue to work with them, promote their cause, and raise money for Josh's fight.
I am really looking forward to meeting Sean, Steoph and Josh at this year's MCCC.  Of course, I will support the cause by purchasing an Aquaman pig!  It's a great cause and the pigs look really cool.

Sean Forney and Chewbacca at the Steel City Comic Con in Pittsburgh, PA-March 2010.

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Uber cool, right on. A hero growing up!