Monday, May 23, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebs.

We have seen my sister Nancy with a horse, an M&M mascot and even a stone carving in effort to get exposure here in Friendly Encounters.  She is almost shameless.  I applaud her effort and reward her by running the photos.  She has taken it one step further however.  Now she has involved her friends.
On a trip to Saugatuck (MI), Nancy and her friends saw this lime green guy outside of Hoopdee Scootee, a store for "unique gifts, clothing and collectibles."  I could not get any info on what exactly the lime green guy is, but oddly it isn't even the strangest part of the picture.
Look above him.  There are a pair of legs hanging out of the second floor window.  What is up with that?
This picture baffles and amuses me at the same time.  Nancy wins again, because I just had to run this picture.  She has yet to meet a human celebrity, yet she has made multiple appearances in Friendly Encounters.  She's lucky I love her like a sister.
Nancy Blais, MaryAnn, Vicki and a lime green man in Saugatuck, MI-July 2010.

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Nancy said...

I do my best to keep the pictures coming.