Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Moose, Bill Skowron

Bill Skowron started his baseball career with the New York Yankees and played in the majors with the Yanks for 9 seasons.  Moose also played one season each with the Washington Senators, Los Angeles Dodgers and the California Angels.  Most importantly, he played 4 seasons with his hometown Chicago White Sox.
He is rightfully proud of his 6 World Series titles (and 8 appearances) and 8 All-Star games, however only one of those achievements (the 1965 AS game) occurred during his time with the Sox.  Still, Skowron is a diehard Sox fan.  His enthusiasm is hard to ignore.
I met Skowron while I was representing AU Sports at a White Sox convention.  He was almost 70 at the time, but he was lively and animated.  He told great stories and seemed to be having as much fun as the fans around him, myself included.  He gladly posed for pictures and signed baseballs...all for free!  Although he only played here for 4 seasons, just 347 games, he is a White Sox icon.
Moose Skowron and me in Chicago, IL-Late 1990's.

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